List of participants

Surname, Name City, Country
1. Adoni, SokolLyngby, Denmark
Dirac equation redux by direct quantization of the 4-momentum vector
2. Adoni, SokolLyngby, Denmark
Spin-half one- and two- particle systems in physical space without eigen-algebra or tensor product
3. Alves, RafaelSão Bernardo do Campo, Brazil registration confirmed
A Conformal Geometric Algebra approach for sphere and spherical shell intersections in R^n
4. Arsenovic, AlexanderStanardsville, USA
Time Harmonic Relativistic Wave Mechanics
5. Acus, ArturasVilnius, Lithuania registration confirmed
Coordinate Free Expressions of Exponentials of Multivectors in Cl(p,q) for p+q=3
6. Bongardt, BertoldBraunschweig, Germany
A Representation of the Geometric Product for 3-Vectors by Means of Matrix Algebra
7. Buchholz, SvenBrandenburg, Germany
First insights into Autoencoders in Geometric Algebra
8. Chappell, JamesAdelaide, Australia
Quantum Game Theory using Geometric algebra
9. Chappell, JamesAdelaide, Australia
Geodesics in eight-dimensional spacetime
10. Christian, JoyOxford, United Kingdom
Reply to “A 1d Up Approach to Conformal Geometric Algebra: Applications in Line Fitting and Quantum Mechanics”
11. Derevianko, AnnaBrno, Czechia
Solver-free optimal control for Linear Dynamical Switched System by means of Geometric Algebra
12. Eryganov, IvanBrno, Czechia
Repeated Quantum Prisoner's Dilemma based on Subgroups of Spin(6)
13. Fidalgo, FelipeSanta Catarina, Brazil registration confirmed
Conformal Geometric Algebra applied to the Discretizable Molecular Distance Geometry Problem with arbitrary dimension
14. Hadfield, HugoCambridge, United Kingdom
Adapting Matrix Algorithms for Multivectors
15. Hadfield, HugoCambridge, United Kingdom
Computing with Algebras over Algebras
16. Held, CarstenWeimar, Germany registration confirmed
Bell's Theorem - a Geometric Perspective
17. Honorio Araujo da Silva, David WilliamColorado Springs, USA
Error-Free Geometric Algebra
18. McClellan, GeneArlington, Virginia USA registration confirmed
Standard Model Gauge Theory Applied to a Dirac-like Equation in G_{4,1}
19. Moroz, MattCambridge, United Kingdom
Comparing Trajectories for Biomedical Analysis
20. Pepe, AlbertoCambridge, United Kingdom
Learning Rotations
21. Sangston, Kevin JamesSmyrna, Georgia USA registration confirmed
A Framework for a Multidimensional Analytic Signal
22. Sarabandi, SoheilBarcelona, Spain registration confirmed
The 4D Nearest Rotation Matrix Problem
23. Soiguine, AlexanderAliso Viejo, California USA registration confirmed
The Geometric Algebra Lift of Qubits and Beyond
24. Thomas, FedericoBarcelona, Spain registration confirmed
A Spectral Decomposition Approach to the Robust Conversion of 4D Rotation Matrices to Double Quaternions