Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission of the contributions to the conference AGACSE 2021 is now open. You can submit your short abstract proposal at the registration,
or by emailing to (preferably plain text)
We will send the acceptance decision in a few days after your submission.

After registration, you will receive details for conference fee payment.

Note that the conference is planned as hybrid (both online and personal attendance is available) and therefore we only accept oral presentations, mainly in the form of a 20-30 minutes talk.

Proceedings info

Selected contributions will be invited for publication in the special volume of Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences. This has been already confirmed by the publisher. Only contributions presented at the conference will be considered for publication. Also at least one author per paper has to pay the conference fee. Generally, the contributions will be published as a special issue of Mathematics for Applications. However, the standard peer review procedure will apply.

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be typewritten in English on standard size A4 paper. The first page should include the name(s) of author(s), title of the article, the abstract (at least 1 sentence and at most 300 words), 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification numbers, and key words and phrases. After the references please give author's address.

We encourage the submission of manuscripts in electronic form using LaTeX. For final layout of MMAS please see Author Guidelines, for MfA style please see Instructions for Authors.